Diversity charter

The Charter of Diversity is a volunteer compromise that is signed by companies and organizations either private or public, according to the European Union Directive of 2000 against discrimination. 

PROVITAL signed the Charter in November 2009, and compromises the company in the following basic aspects:

  • Equal opportunities and diversity respect.
  • Integration of people with different profiles, and origins,gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnics, nationality, religion, beliefs or opinions,age, discapacity or any other personal or social condition.
  • Knowledge of the benefits of cultural, demographic and social diversity in the organisation.
  • Application of effective inclusion policies.
  • Communicate the compromise with partners, suppliers, customers and other social agents.

PROVITAL is commited with this document to develop diversity inclusion policies to favour a socially sustainable environment of our business activities.

PROVITAL has already signed an agreement as a co-operative partner with the Charter of Diversity. 

This will by PROVITAL to promote diversity, is reflected as well in the document “Diversity Management” that belongs to the Welcome Manual of the company.  

Further information: www.diversity-charter.org